Unit S

Unit S is made up of all twelve month, ten month, and regular part time clerical employees including the following job titles: Secretary, Administrative Secretary, Executive Secretary, Office Manager, Accounts Payable Clerk, Payroll Clerk, Head Accounts Payable, Head Payroll Clerk, excluding the following titles: Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent, Secretary to the Superintendent, School Accountant, School Committee Secretary, Special Education Comptroller, and Administrative Secretary to the Director of Human Resources.

The 2011-2012 Unit S contract can be found here.

Unit A

Unit A is made up of classroom teachers, special education teachers, department heads, counselors, nurses, school psychologists, athletic coaches, part time teachers, and school librarians.

The Unit A night conference side letter can be found here.

The Unit A 2012 - 2015 MOA can be found here and the informational PowerPoint can be found here.

The 2011-2012 Unit A contract can be found here.

Unit T

Unit T is made up of all Special Education Teacher Assistants, Special Education Aides, Classroom Aides, Language Program Aides, Multi-Media and Audio Visual Aides in the Audio-Visual Department, and Library Aides.

The 2011-2012 Unit T contract can be found here.

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